Lichen Build up on Solar Panels

Project Details

  • Customer : Residential House
  • Location : Melbourne
  • Number of solar panels? : 12
  • What type of equipment? : Solar Cleaning Brush

The Back Story

Recently we visited a customer of ours, who after we had cleaned their windows asked us, “should I clean my solar panels?” After taking a look we discovered that this customer’s panels, which were only installed 4 years ago, were absolutely covered in lichen. Our customer was reporting they were getting barely any output from their panels, so when we showed them photos of the state they were in, they could understand why!

Project Challenge

Lichen build-up can be extremely damaging to your solar panels, it bonds very strongly to the glass. Not only does it stop your panels absorbing the sunlight but it can be extremely difficult and time-consuming to remove once it has taken hold. Lichen grows in the presence of algae, which will grow on your panels if they are not regularly cleaned. This is why the best way to clean your solar panels is by calling in the experts!

Project Result

Using our specialised equipment we firstly scrubbed down the 12 solar panels to remove the lichen build up. This was one of the worst cases we had seen so it took us some time. After removing the worst of the lichen we used our specialised solar brush and pure water system to clean the rest, leaving sparkling clean results. When we showed our customers the difference after the clean they could hardly believe their eyes! They have since reported to us that they have had a massive increase in energy output and said they will have us back regularly not only to clean their windows but their solar panels too.