Commercial Bakery Solar Panel Cleaning

Project Details

  • Customer : Commercial Bakery
  • Location : Northern Melbourne
  • Number of solar panels? : 1200+
  • What type of equipment? : Robot & Brushes

The Back Story

We first visited this site last year where we were tasked with cleaning 1200 solar panels on top of a commercial bakery. This was a mammoth task, but amazingly our 4 person team managed to complete the job, with incredible results, in just under 2 days. Using a technique we have perfected along with our specialised solar equipment we were able to take these dirty panels back to their former glory.

Project Challenge

These particular panels were laid flat, as opposed to at an angle; this provided us with an extra challenge as when the panels are flat, dirt and excess water can gather in the corners. Being on a commercial bakery roof there were quite a few exhaust fans spitting out smoke etc onto the panels, making them extra dirty in certain spots.

Project Result

The equipment we use is comprised of brush specifically designed to clean solar panels which has two rotating heads. This provides a far superior clean as the brush spins it removes any dirt while the pure water leaves no traces of chemicals once it has dried. We were sure to take the extra time to ensure all the water (and dirt) had run off the panels resulting in an amazing result for our customer. We were the first solar cleaning company in Australia to use this equipment! Super proud of our amazing team for delivering an incredible and thorough result in such a quick time. We’ll be seeing these guys every 6 months!