Why Clean Your Panels?

Henderson & Co has carried out solar panel cleaning on homes all across Melbourne. From small installs on single storey roofs to 50+ panels over a few levels. Your solar panels are an expensive investment and it is wise to ensure they are cleaned by fully insured and trained professionals.

Your panels are constantly open to the elements, they collet debris and dirt such as dust from construction or roads, leaves, sap and animal droppings, reducing their effectiveness. The energy produced by your panels can be dramatically increased when they are cleaned and maintained regularly, protecting your investment and saving you money


When Cleaning solar panels on residential properties, we regularly see lichen growing. What can start out looking like a small problem, can soon grow to consume the majority of the surface of the panel, eating into the surface and making them largely inefficient. If your roof is prone to lichen we recommend cleaning your panels once per year to avoid it spreading across your panels.


Always Safety First

By making safety a top priority, Henderson and Co are not only safeguarding the well-being of its employees and clients but also fostering a culture of safety within the industry. It is crucial to regularly reassess and improve safety protocols, provide employees with ongoing safety training, and encourage open communication to address any potential safety concerns. By taking these steps, Henderson and Co are demonstrating a strong commitment to safety and helping to create a safer work environment for everyone involved.