Commercial Solar Panel Cleaning

Why Chose Henderson & Co?

We have been cleaning solar panels at businesses across Victoria for years. We have clients ranging from 50 panels on retail stores to 1000’s of panels on solar farms. Not only are we extremely experienced, but we have some of the most advanced and up to date equipment in the industry. We are qualified and fully insured. Contact us today to find out how we can help your business make the most of their solar investment.

Our state of the art equipment means we can clean your panels, safely, efficiently and with the best results.

Protect Your Investment

Solar panels are a costly expense, which if correctly maintained can be an asset for your business. As they are always open to the elements they can quickly become incredibly dirty, reducing their effectiveness. Getting them professionally cleaned will keep them performing at their best, protecting your investment.

Always Safety First

At Henderson and Co we take safety very seriously. As well as using the best equipment available to ensure we are doing the job in smart and safe way, we have ‘working at heights’ certificates and are fully insured.

  • Control impurities
  • Air regulation
  • Stop condensation
  • Reduce temperatures
  • Health benefits
  • Safety area
  • Improved Air Quality
  • Stay Comfortable
  • Less Kitchen Odor
  • Easier Cleanup
  • Stylish Upgrade
  • Good Investment